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Fabio Manganiello

Received a bachelors degree in computer engineering in 2008, and a masters degree in the same subject in 2010. He is currently working both as software developer for market trading applications, and as volunteer researcher in academic contexts, mainly over machine learning algorithms applied to Intrusion Detection Systems. His master degree thesis, "Machine Learning Algorithms for Clustering and Correlating Alerts in Intrusion Detection Systems", took part at the Clusit prize, 2010 edition, as best Italian thesis in computer security, and the software project on which it was based (Snort_AIPreproc, available in the "Software" section of this website) brought to the publication of two research papers: "Multistep Attack Detection And Alert Correlation In Intrusion Detection Systems", presented at the 5th International Conference on Information Security and Assurance in Brno, 2011, and "Pseudo-Bayesian Algorithm for Correlating NIDS Intrusion Alerts", presented at the 3rd international workshop on Cyberspace Safety and Security in Milan, 2011.

His main interests range from computer security to everything related to machine learning and artificial intelligence topics. He developed several tools related to computer security (shellcode generator, tools for ARP poisoning a local network or log this kind of attacks, IRC bots, several tools for shellcode injection, in executable files or in memory resident code), several libraries (for managing neural networks, CGI applications in C, parsing math expressions and equations in C++) and applications related to image manipulation (border highlighting through Sobel's maps and other filters for images). He also wrote several manuals and guides, related to computer security, general programming, electronics, communications, math and artificial intelligence, and founded HacKnowledge project (a successful project that used to be available on this site, that aimed to become a complete reference in computer science, computer security, computer forensics, electronics, communications and math).


He has worked for several magazines in computer security and software development, including Hakin9

Studied in Denmark, resides in Tuscany