Broadway Hacker

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According to his phrack profile, he started out in the BBS world in late 1983 when he first got his modem. On March 23, 1985, The Broadway Show, his first bulletin board, was launched into the BBS world. It started on 1 disk drive at 300 baud and has upgraded incredibly. It was originally a phreak board as it currently is also. He had originally gotten his C-64 computer in early 1985. Various members of the elite world including King Blotto, Lex Luthor, and Dr. Who got on his board to make it the memorable board that it was before the format change. His phreak experience began in 1981 through CB radios when a CB'er gave him a code over the line. Some of the memorable phreak boards he was on included Blottoland, The AT&T Phone Center of 312, and Dark Side of the Moon of 818.


He was the the sysop of The Radio Station, a phreak/hack bulletin board in Brooklyn, N.Y. (718).

He gives credit for his phreak knowledge to conferences mostly

He has met various phreaks in person including BIOC Agent 003, Lex Luthor, Dr. Who, King Blotto, Cheshire Catalyst, The Sprinter, The Saint, Micro Ghoul, 2600 Magazine People, Paul Muad'Dib, and TUC.