Chanda Leir

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Chanda Leir is the first ch1xor featured in Phrack Magazine's Pro-Phile. According to her phrack profile, she started using BBSes in the D.C. area in 1983 (at the ripe age of 13). A guy by the name of Hack-Man (she supposes this was the "original" H-M) was running a board off of the dead side of the local 678 loop. Her introduction to phone "stuff" began when she called the "board" one day and found instead 30 people on the line instead of a carrier.

She was dumbfounded, and being female, there were 30 guys on the conference ready and willing to provide her with information as to origins of loops, conferences, boxing, etc. Scott (Hack-Man) later filled her in on the rest, gave her more numbers and such and that's where it all began.

One of the reasons she quit the phreak/hack world was because of a visit from the Secret Service in February 1985, although they didn't really come for her... A "friend" wanted for credit card fraud called her while his line was hooked to a pin register. The same weekend he called Karen, was Inauguration Weekend and she and her brother called the 456 (White House) loop something like 21 times in the 4-day weekend period. In any case the SS wanted to catch Eric and when her number showed up in two places, they decided to investigate.


The memorable phreakers or hackers that Karen has met include Cheshire Cat, Tuc, Bioc Agent 003 and anyone else who was at the TAP meeting during Thanksgiving of 1984.

She gained her experience by asking a LOT of questions to a lot of hard-up guys who were willing to give her all kinds of info since she was a girl.

The real reason she quit the phreak/hack world was because she transferred high schools in 1985 and became one of the "popular" kids and gained a social life, thus losing time and interest for the computer.