Chema Alonso

IRL Name: 
Chema Alonso

From his DEFCON 20 Bio:

"Chema Alonso is a Security researcher with Informatica64, a Madrid-based security firm. Chema holds respective Computer Science and System Engineering degrees from Rey Juan Carlos University and Universidad Politècnica de Madrid. During his more than eight years as a security professional, he has consistently been recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). Chema is a frequent speaker at industry events (Microsoft Technet / Security Tour, AseguraIT) and has been invited to present at information security conferences worldwide including Yahoo! Security Week, Black Hat Briefings, ShmooCON, DeepSec, HackCON, Ekoparty and RootedCon - He is a frequent contributor on several technical magazines in Spain, where he is involved with state-of-the-art attack and defense mechanisms, web security, general ethical hacking techniques and FOCA."

He has given talks at DEFCON 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20.

He also maintains a blog Titled "El Lado Del Mal" which means "The Side of Evil" in Spanish.


Recognized as Microsoft MVP.

First spoke at DEFCON 16.