Christopher Chaney

IRL Name: 
Christopher Chaney

Age 35 this year and residing in Jacksonville, Florida; Chris allegedly broke in to approximately 50 different celebrity email accounts before becoming arrested by the FBI as part of their "Operation Hackerazzi".

Prosecutors were trying to get the following penalties:
71 months in prison and forced to pay restitution several victims including the following:
-- $7,500 to Christina Aguilera
-- $66,179.46 to Scarlett Johansson
-- $76,767.35 to actress Renee Olstead
-- $10k to AFTRA Health Fund.

In December 2012, Chaney was sentenced to ten years in prison for his crimes.


Was sentenced to ten years, which may have been due in part to statements given by his victims.

Got celebrity nudez

Had no formal computer training.


Learned to hack email from youtube vids

Made no money and was just doing it to pleasure himself.