Daniel Cid

IRL Name: 
Daniel B. Cid

Daniel B. Cid is the lead developer/founder of the open source OSSEC HIDS and the founder of Sucuri. His interests range from intrusion detection, log analysis (log-based intrusion detection), web-based malware research and secure development.

He is also the co-writer of the OSSEC Host-Based Intrusion Detection Guide Book.


On June 2008, he sold his open source project OSSEC to Trend Micro/Third Brigade, and joined the company as the lead of OSSEC development.

He discovered that popular sites like apache.org, nba.com, ford.com, cisco.com, etc. have Apache server-status page enabled.

Cid is also the founder of CleanBrowsing, a DNS filter and was an advisor at AlienVault.