David Wagner

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David A. Wagner

David Wagner is an American computer professor and is a researcher in in cryptography and computer security. He is a member of the Election Assistance Commission's Technical Guidelines Development Committee, tasked with assisting the EAC in drafting the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines. He Discovered a flaw in the implementation of SSL in Netscape Navigator (with Ian Goldberg).

His other notable achievements include:
- He has published two books and over 90 peer-reviewed scientific papers. His notable achievements include:
- Served as Principal Investigator for the source code review and also the documentation review of the historic California state Top-to-Bottom review of electronic voting systems certified for use. Flaws found with vendor-supplied voting machines resulted in decertification and provisional recertification by the Secretary of State.
- Cryptanalysis of WEP, the security protocol used in 802.11 "WiFi" networks (with Nikita Borisov and Ian Goldberg)
- Cryptanalysis of the A5/1 stream cipher used in GSM cellphones (with Alex Biryukov and Adi Shamir)
- Cryptanalysis of Microsoft's PPTP tunnelling protocol (with Bruce Schneier and "Mudge")
- Invention of the slide attack, a new form of cryptanalysis (with Alex Biryukov); also the boomerang attack and mod n cryptanalysis (the latter with Bruce Schneier and John Kelsey)
- Development of Twofish block cipher, which was a finalist for NIST's Advanced Encryption Standard competition (with Bruce Schneier, John Kelsey, Doug Whiting, Chris Hall, and Niels Ferguson)


Member of the ACCURATE project.

Co-founder of the ISAAC research group

Cryptanalyzed the CMEA algorithm used in many U.S. cellphones with Bruce Schneier)