Ehraz Ahmed

IRL Name: 
Ehraz Ahmed

Ehraz Ahmed is a bug bounty hunter and self-proclaimed security analyst and security expert at the age of 17 as of this writing(circa September 2013). He has been listed in the Hall of Fames of most companies listed in Bugcrowd and Bugsheet. Recently, he claims that he filed a bug to Facebook that would allow an attacker to delete any Facebook account. Ahmed said he sent a video to demonstrate the critical flaw, but Facebook has again refused to pay the bug bounty because he tested the flaw on his friend’s account. He’s not happy, and wrote that he really needed the bounty. However, Facebook has fixed the flaw.

But the truth about this incident is that Ahmed's claim is actually a hoax. He manually used to deactivate the account that was used in his PoC.


The reason why he is in the hall of fames of big companies is because of asking other bug hunters to post his name

He is from Pakistan and he loves to annoy Rafay Baloch.


A lot of bug hunters hate him.