Emmanuel Goldstein

IRL Name: 
Eric Corley

Born in 1959, Emmanuel Goldstein is the founder, editor, and publisher of 2600: The Hacker Quarterly. During his time working on the publication, he testified before the US Congress in 1993, lost a legal battle against the MPAA as one of the defendants in Universal VS Reimerdes (Their unsuccessful attempt to squelch DeCSS), was arrested on August 31st 2004 while filming a demonstration against the Republican National Convention for 'disorderly conduct'. (All charges would be dropped in a preliminary hearing.)


Also hosts two radio shows; Off The Hook and Off The Wall. Both can be downloaded or streamed from 2600's website for those not in the New York area.

Was a creative advisor to Hackers


Probably had a shitfit when he saw the finished film of hackers.

Was a part of Dubya's 'Axis of Evil'