Erik Bloodaxe

IRL Name: 
Chris Goggans

Chris Goggans, who used the name Erik Bloodaxe in honor of the Viking king of a similar name, is a founding member of the Legion of Doom group, and a former editor of Phrack Magazine. Loyd Blankenship, aka The Mentor, described Goggans/Bloodaxe as "the best hacker I ever met".

Goggans was raided by the US Secret Service on March 1, 1990, but was not charged.

But in a phone call intercepted by the Australian Federal Police as part of an investigation into Australian hacker Phoenix (Nahshon Even-Chaim) Goggans was heard planning a raid in which the pair would steal source code and developmental software from Execucom, an Austin, Texas, software and technology company, and sell it to the company’s rivals.

In the call, recorded on February 22, 1990 and later presented in the County Court of Victoria as evidence against Even-Chaim, Goggans and Even-Chaim canvassed how much money they could make from such a venture and how they would split fees from Execucom’s competitors. During the call Goggans provided Even-Chaim with a number of dial-up access numbers to Exexucom’s computers, commenting: "There are serious things I want to do at that place", and "There’s stuff that needs to happen to Execucom.". While there is no evidence that Goggans and Even-Chaim acted on this discussion, Goggans' statement of his intentions calls into question the nobility of his hacking ethics.

According to Michelle Slatella and Joshua Quittner in their 1995 book Masters of Deception: The Gang That Ruled Cyberspace, Goggans was in 1990 in the process of establishing his own computer security company in Texas. They claim he planned to recruit companies as clients by hacking them and showing how vulnerable their systems were to other hackers.

Currently, Goggans is president of SDI, Inc., a Virginia-based corporation providing information security consulting.


Founded LOD

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Used wikipedia to try to promote himself and his company