IRL Name: 
Aleksei Stroganov

Alexey Stroganov, who goes by the hacker names "Flint" and "Flint24" is a Russian carder has been a long-standing member of major underground forums since at least 2001. In 2006, Stroganov and an associate Gerasim Selivanov (a.k.a. "Gabrik") were sentenced to six years of confinement in Russia, but were set free just two years into their sentence. He was also arrested in Russia in March 2020 and 23 other hackers.


He moved hundreds of millions of dollars through BTC-e.

He had a piece of almost every major hack because in many cases it was his guys doing it.


He and 23 other hackers asked the Russian govt to release them from prison so they can join the fight for Russia's security.