Fluffi Bunni

IRL Name: 
Lynn Htun

Fluffi Bunni (AKA Fluffy Bunny), infamous web site defacer, was arrested 29 April 2003 in London by Scotland Yard while attending InfoSecurity Europe 2003. His real name is Lynn Htun and his first public defacement was a Linux box belonging to hogeschoolnederland.nl. He embarrassed leading Internet security organizations by breaking into their own computers and replacing Web pages with a message that "Fluffi Bunni ownz you" and a digital photograph of a pink rabbit at a keyboard. The attacks, which began in June 2000, lasted about 18 months, then stopped mysteriously and created one of the Internet's most significant hacker whodunits in years. Victims have included the Washington-based SANS Institute, which offers security training for technology professionals; Security Focus, now owned by Symantec Corp.; and Attrition.org, a site run by experts who formerly tracked computer break-ins. Other victims included McDonald's Corp. and the online security department for Exodus Communications Inc., now part of London-based Cable & Wireless plc.


The number of sites defaced was less than the number of children raped by Captain Crunch.


Was helping out fellow asians with exploits for Starcraft