Fly, Flycracker, MUXACC

IRL Name: 
Sergey Vovnenko

Sergei "Fly," "Flycracker," "MUXACC" Vovnenko was the administrator of the fraud forum "thecc[dot]bz," an exclusive and closely guarded Russian language board dedicated to financial fraud and identity theft.

From September 2010 through August 2012, Vovnenko and his conspirators operated an international criminal organization that hacked into the computers of individual users and companies located in the United States and elsewhere. They used that access to steal user names and passwords for bank accounts and other online services, as well as debit and credit card numbers and related personal identifying information.

Vovnenko was arrested in Italy in the summer of 2014 on identity theft and botnet charges, and spent some 15 months in arguably Italy’s worst prison contesting his extradition to the United States. Those efforts failed, and he soon pleaded guilty to aggravated identity theft and wire fraud, and spent several years bouncing around America’s prison system.

After serving his 41 month sentence in the U.S., he was deported. He’s now hunkered down in Lviv, Ukraine, which is serving as a major artery for refugees seeking shelter outside Ukraine’s borders.


He once executed a plot to have Krebs framed for heroin possession.

According to Krebs, Vovnenko says he is working with many sympathetic hackers to fight the Russians online.