Francis Cianfrocca

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Francis Cianfrocca

Francis Cianfrocca is the founder and CEO of Bayshore Networks LLC, in New York City. He is the inventor of Bayshore’s SingleKey, an information-assurance product used for protection of corporate and industrial information systems.

Prior to Bayshore, Francis founded Tempest Software Inc. in 1995, developing middleware products for advanced enterprise applications. The company flourished under his leadership, experiencing strong revenue growth and attracted investments from first-tier venture capital firms. In 1991, he founded Heldenleben Corporation, where he developed HeldenPort, the world's first compiler for a graphical 4GL. The product was licensed and marketed to over 40,000 developers around the world. Francis has held senior technology positions at the Bank of New York, New York Life Insurance Company and several major corporations. Francis also led development of major enterprise applications for use in finance, manufacturing, treasury management, and underwriting environments.


He has several issued and pending patents to his credit.

He has created several widely-used open projects, including the Ruby Net/LDAP library, and the EventMachine high-speed network-event management system.