IRL Name: 
Jesse William McGraw

Jesse William McGraw is a former contract security guard at the North Central Medical Plaza on North Central Expressway in Dallas, who admitted hacking into that hospital’s computer systems by putting malware on a dozen machines. He also installed the remote-access program LogMeIn on the hospital’s Windows-controlled HVAC system. McGraw admitted that he intended to use the bots and the compromised computers to launch DDoS attacks on the websites of rival hacker groups. He was sent to jail after a security expert named Wesley McGrew tipped off the FBI in 2009.

He became a two-time fugitive and attempted to flee the country. He broke into a US Customs-controlled shipyard and blackmailed the captain of a cargo ship into taking him to Nigeria after discovering that they were disabling their AIS tracking beacon while in international waters.


He is the leader of the anarchistic hacking group called the Electronik Tribulation Army.

His bust led to a flood of harassment against the Mississippi computer-security researcher who discovered screenshots of the HVAC access online and informed the FBI.

Former blackhat now and is now a humanitarian activist.

He served nearly 11 years in federal prison.