IRL Name: 
Aleksandr Panin

Aleksandr Panin aka Gribodemon is a Russian hacker who is one of the developers of the SpyEye Trojan that was used to attack online bank accounts. Panin was arrested in 2013 while on vacation in the Dominican Republic. Trapped in an FBI sting, Panin was extradited to the U.S, on charges of distributing SpyEye between 2009 and 2011.

With the assistance of Bendelladj, a/k/a Bx1, Panin advertised and promoted the SpyEye malware on online, invite-only criminal forums, such as and other exclusive Russian-based criminal forums.


Panin, who seemed to have been on Interpol’s notorious "[Interpol notice#Notice types|red list]," was wanted for embezzlement through cyber-fraud totaling $5 million.