IRL Name: 
Marcel Lazăr Lehel

Guccifer is best known for hacking into the personal email of the head of National Intelligence Council. He has also carried out a string of high profile hacks against prominent targets including the Bush family, a Google board member, the former Chief of Staff to President Ronald Reagan, the director of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, and members of the Council on Foreign Relations. Guccifer was eventually jailed in January 2014 in his home country of Romania for hacking the email addresses of public officials for his country, and extradited to the United States on federal charges.


He also hacked “Sex and the City” author Candace Bushnell, Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein, and BBC journalist Jeremy Paxman.

He called Obama ‘The Black Angel’ and taunted the Secret Service during their attempt to capture him.