Gweeds is a San Fransico hacker who has given a number of talks from what can be called a more "cynical", yet possibly truthful, opinion on things; such as "hackers & corporations", as well as "hackers & governments".
He is classifies himself/is classified as a "hacker activist" but not a "hacktivist". In the past, he has supported groups like el8, & shunned groups like l0pht who are believed to have "sold out" due to government contracts while other hackers were being arrested.
"They're making money, sure, but they're also extending the reach of the Federal police state,"-Gweeds
The start of the l0pht vs gweeds ordeal was thought to have originated by a feud between Gweeds & Sir Dystic over NewHackCity.

Gweeds has been a long time supporter of information freedom & information belonging to the people. He frequently advocated going to Defcon without paying; creating flyers just for this purpose.
While he has been an inspiration for free thought, unfortunately his personal life has had more than a few rough times to include a number of scene wh0rez.


Worked for

Went to Defcon numerous times without paying


Sir Dystic's sister had his love child.

There are naked pics of him on the net