Hagbard Celine

IRL Name: 
Karl Werner Lothar Koch

Born in Hanover, called himself "hagbard", after Hagbard Celine. He named his computer "FUCKUP".(there are more people who should do this, but oh well) Addicted to cocaine and became extremely paranoid (like Durandal). Convinced he was fighting the Illuminati like his fictional literary namesake. (occasionally tripping out of his mind)

Loosely affiliated with the CCC.
He worked with the hackers known as DOB (Dirk-Otto Brezinski), Pengo (Hans Heinrich Hübner), and Urmel (Markus Hess), and was involved in selling hacked information from US military computers to Russian KGB.

A German movie about his life, entitled 23, was released in 1998.


The book The Cuckoo's Egg was written about the incident.

Koch was found burned to death with gasoline in a forest near Celle.


Supposedly he and Pengo came forward and confessed to the authorities.

Despite being considered a suicide, some think that he was killed by the KGB.

Some think he was killed by the U.S. Government