Ilfak Guilfanov

IRL Name: 
Ilfak Guilfanov

Ilfak Guilfanov is a software developer, computer security researcher and blogger who is the system architect and lead developer of IDA Pro, which is Hex-Rays' commercial version of the Interactive Disassembler he created. IDA Pro is used today by security specialists to dissect viruses and malware.


He became well known when he issued a free hotfix for the Windows Metafile vulnerability on the 31st of December 2005.

His unofficial patch for Windows Metafile vulnerability was favorably reviewed and widely publicized because no official patch was initially available from Microsoft.

He is also the developer of PhotoRescue which supports the recovery of all file types but its algorithms are particularly optimized for JPG/JPEG files, TIFF files, GIFs and BMPs.