JF is one of the core members of milw0rm(also called 1337Day.com), a group of hacktivists known for breaking in the systems of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) in Mumbai which is the primary nuclear research facility of India - this happened on June 3, 1998. JF went on to achieve a modicum of notoriety when MTV "hacked" its own website intentionally and graffitied the words "JF Was Here" across the page, at the same time that JF was under investigation for the milw0rm attacks by Scotland Yard. Hundreds of pages hosted on MTV.com sported the new JF logo, including one page that read, "JF was here, greets to milw0rm". MTV later confirmed that the alleged JF "hack" was a publicity stunt to promote the appearance of a commentator named Johnny Fame at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards. Many were puzzled by the apparent hack committed by JF since the hacker was "known for relatively high ethical standards."


He is from England.

JF and VeNoMouS claimed credit for attacking BARC by emailing Wired reporter James Glave with documents they had obtained from the BARC servers as proof.