Jay Beale

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Jay Beale

Jay Beale is an information security specialist who has written security hardening tools: Bastille Unix, a system lockdown and audit tool that introduced a vital security-training component, and the Center for Internet Security's Unix Scoring Tool. He has co-authored or edited nine books in the field of Information Security. Six of these make up his Open Source Security Series, while two are technical works of fiction in the "Stealing the Network" series.


He's written for Information Security Magazine, SecurityFocus, and SecurityPortal.

He has served as the Security Team Director for MandrakeSoft, helping set company strategy, design security products, and pushing security into the then third largest retail Linux distribution.

He has also contributed to the OVAL project and the Honeynet Project.

He works as an information security analyst with InGuardians, a firm he co-founded with Ed Skoudis, Mike Poor, Jim Alderson, and Bob Hillery.