Joe Stewart

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Joe Stewart

Joe Stewart is the Director of Malware Research at SecureWorks who is known for developing OllyDbg Plugins and Scripts like Analyze This! (Force analysis of non-code sections), AttachAnyway (Anti-anti-attach PoC), Labelmaster (Batch processing of labels/comments), OllyBonE (unpacking plugin for OllyDbg), OllyGraph (code flowchart plugin), OllyPerl (Perl scripting for OllyDbg), OllyVBHelper (aids in reverse-engineering Visual Basic apps), and WaveDiff (binary difference analysis for OllyDbg (uses OllyPerl).


Author of, a Perl script which can fix UPX headers that were removed by a hacked version of UPX used to pack certain malware.

He has authored a lot of research papers/articles and the list can be found here: