Johnpatrick J. Lita

IRL Name: 
Johnpatrick J. Lita

JohnPatrick J. Lita is the managing director of GeekTalks Philippines, he is also the CEO and founder of He is known to be working as a video editor in some TV studios.

He started his so called "InfoSec" career as a limelight whore, he loves insulting and disrespecting InfoSec professionals in his country. He also loves conducting seminars and trainings about ethical hacking in schools, colleges and universities.


Claims to have obtained an administrator account in Wi-Tribe Philippines Online Payment.

Loves to use Acunetix and BackTrack 5 but still thinks he is elite.

Loves to share and post tutorials that are just copy pasted.

Believes in free education about InfoSec


Hip Hop Lover and Swagger

Created a virus which in turn infected his own computer

Loves Chicser and One Direction