Karl Marx

IRL Name: 
James Salsman

Karl Marx (not the philosopher) is a phone phreaker who was featured in the Phrack Magazine Issue #22 and who got busted for being in a hotel room with Steve Dahl. He was convicted of the law that says, in effect "it's illegal to lie to somebody more powerful than you." He stopped phreaking because he was on probation and didn't want to go to prison.

According to his phrack profile, he wrote something about Nitroglycerin. He probably killed a lot of aspiring phreaks on Plovernet by not putting in enough warnings like "Remember, DON'T make more than a few grams or you will be found dead and identified as Dinty Morre Beef Stew." He also came up with the "RESCOC --Remote Satellite Course Correction System" file. It was PURE bullshit, but with headings like "How to manuver a satelite to crash it into cities (like Moscow)" it was a big hit with the "Hacker-Hype" media. AT&T denied everything.


His main interest is AI.

His particular application domains focus on Cognitive Science and Pattern recognition.