KnowledgeUS is the creator of @AnonRelations, IRC Operator in Voxanon and an associate of dmzpkts, CommanderX, ebola, Akira, and many others. He has quit Anonymous after a complex series of events resulted in him losing credibility within the collective. He has moved from the Anonymous to IRC server and particularly the #RS-Graveyard channel, a known meeting place for anti-Anonymous people.

He believed that @ihazcandy was actively sabotaging Anonymous through false-flag and entrapment operations and stated that he would develop a new IRC network and provide @ihazcandy with a means of scraping IP addresses from the server in order to identify more about him and other anti-Anonymous people.


@ihazcandy took a log of his conversations and provided them to other high profile Anonymous members and supporters.

He was doxed then by some high profile Anonymous members after @ihazcandy's report.

He wrote a letter apologizing to key members of Anonymous who felt that they have been betrayed by KnowledgeUS.