IRL Name: 
Richard Roby

Richard Roby a.k.a Krashed is a packet kiddie from America who initiated the attacks in retaliation against CJB networks for the shutdown of his botnet. He was later raided by the FBI as part of Operation Cyberslam. Initial charges brought against Roby as part of Operation Cyberslam were dropped but he later pleaded guilty to lesser charges and was sentenced to an 18-month prison sentence. After being nailed by the FBI, Krashed then proceeded to kindly inform the FBI about everything he's been up to, as well as the activities of everyone he chatted with online.

Before getting arrested, Krashed liked to terrorize people on and force them to reformat every few days, and he would try to impress the guys he had developed mancrushes on about how he had been busted twice as a minor for computer-related crimes, and how the judge told him the 2nd time that if he got in trouble again, he would either go in the Army or go to jail.


He used to be found around dalnet/efnet/various small IRC networks, posting kiddie porn, packetting with his bots, etc.

Busabos said that Krashed used to ask for owned networks for his bots in DALnet server.


Uses other peoples' scripts and claims as his own script.