Kristin Paget

IRL Name: 
Chris Paget / Kristin Paget

Kristin Paget formerly known as Chris Paget is a transgender and hardware hacker who lives in Silicon Valley. Exploits and accomplishments to his/her name include a $250 device capable of cloning passport RFID tags at a distance, as well as a device to match the random channel-hopping systems used in GSM -- allowing for extended monitoring of the communications protocol. In 2010, he/she set up a spoof GSM base station at the DefCon security conference, warning users that by connecting to the station, the user's security had been breached. While working for Microsoft, a number of critical security failures in the Vista OS was discovered by his/her team, forcing the delayed release of the operating system.


Apple hired him/her as a Core OS Security Researcher.

eWeek magazine declared him(she was still a male at that time) one of the top 15 most influential people in modern computer security of 2008.