Kyriakos Economou

IRL Name: 
Kyriakos Economou

Kyriakos Economou is a Threat Researcher at Sophos who is interested in the analysis and the reverse engineering of commercial/custom packers and software protections for the last 6 years, he was a speaker in Athcon 2011 and also the author of the Reversing Challenges for 2011 and 2012 for Athcon conference. Except from taking them apart, he also has a deep interest in studying anti-reversing tricks and creating his own custom tricks that go from simple debugger detection to custom obfuscation and other anti-analysis mechanisms for the sake of imagination and creativity.


He discovered that IObit Protected Folder’s Authentication can just be bypassed without knowing the original authentication password by some simple bit flipping of the return value from password checking function.

Contributor at Infosec Institute