Lawrence Hughes

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Lawrence Hughes

Lawrence Hughes is a computer security expert with more than 35 years of experience in creating and developing security products. He was the co-founder of CipherTrust (along with Jay Chaudhry), which became the leading company in E-mail security, including corporate Anti-Spam. In 2006, CipherTrust was sold to SecureComputing for $273M. SecureComputing was later bought by McAfee, which is now part of Intel. He is the Founder, Chairman, CTO of InfoWeapons in Cebu, Philippines and Chairman & CTO at DualStak Networks, Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia. These companies are creating a new line of secure Internet appliances that implement critical network infrastructure.and fully support IPv6.

Overall, his specialties include: creation of new companies, niche analysis and product creation, Internet security, cryptography, PKI, IPv6, E-mail, DNS, etc.


Author of a free book entitled "The Second Internet: Reinventing Computer Networks with IPv6", available at

One of the first IPv6 Forum gold certified trainers.

Created a 600+ slide course (Certified IPv6 Network Engineer, level 1), certified by the IPv6 Forum.

One of the speakers of ROOTCON (Hacker Conference).


One of the products of Infoweapons was bought by the United States Army.