Lewys Martin

IRL Name: 
Lewys Martin

A 20 year old hacker from the seaside resort town of Deal in Kent southeastern England created the Call of Duty Trojan Horse that poses as a patch for the Call of Duty game. It remotely monitored gamers' keystrokes which gave him access to their bank and credit card numbers along with Paypal accounts and passwords. He created this patch that made people believe that it was a fix for the game, when it was downloaded it served as a key-logger. He later sold the data from 1 U.S. dollar to 5 dollars each and kept the profits in an account he created in Costa Rica. During a drunken stupor he got caught after breaking into Walmer Science College in Kent. Police later raided his apartment where they found more than 30 credit card details and passwords. He was later charged with three counts of burglary and fraud charges and got 18 months in jail.


He opened a bank account in Costa Rica under the name Lewys Manser.