Li’l Hacker

IRL Name: 
Matthew Weigman

A legally blind Massachusetts phone hacker who is considered to be one of the best phone hackers alive. Caught the attention of the FBI in 2005 when at 15 years old staged a hostage hoax that sent police to Colorado resident Richard Gasper's house when his daughter refused to have phone sex with him.

In April 2008, William Smith, a Verizon Security Investigator would find a phoneline using a Texas woman's information that was actually going to Weigman's East Boston apartment setup and turn it off. Weigman was able to turn it back on and proceeded to start harassing Smith with phone calls by socially engineering phone company employees into sharing Smith’s billing records and using Caller ID spoofing to make him think somebody was returning his calls. On May 18th 2008, Weigman traveled to Smith's New Hampshire home with his older brother and party line friend Sean Paul Benton. After Smith found out who he was, he called the police due to feeling intimidated who proceeded to arrest Weigman.

On June 26th, 2009, Weigman was sentenced to 11 years in federal prison after a guilty plea on computer intrusion and witness intimidation charges.


Has also admitted to eavesdropping on customer service calls to Sprint by dialing into a phoneline used by supervisors to monitor their employees.

Interest in phones started at the age of 8.

Was courted by the feds as a possible informant at one point.


May be the son of Daredevil.