Linas Vepstas

IRL Name: 
Linas Vepstas

Linas Vepstas received a PhD in Physics from SUNY at Stonybrook in 1985. After a postdoc in France, Linas joined IBM as a graphics systems architect, helping build OpenGL 3D graphics hardware & software in the RS/6000 division. After nearly a decade of hands-on experience in business, marketing, and technology, Linas was bit by the dot-com bug and left IBM in 1995.

During a fit of boredom, Linas created the i370 port of gcc, gas and Linux for the IBM S/370 instruction set mainframes, shortly before IBM announced its own separate effort targeting the S/390.


He is the developer of the Bigfoot project and is a known Linux kernel developer used to worked at IBM and Qualcomm Innovation Center Inc.

Lead developer for the Open Source GnuCash personal accounting system and financial manager.