IRL Name: 
Gjoko Krstic

LiquidWorm is a Macedonia based security researcher who is very active in the vulnerability discovery community. The organization whom Gjoko has founded has found vulnerabilities in a world famous applications developed by Nero, Adobe Systems, Zortam, eEye Digital Security, EdrawSoft, CyberLink, BlazeVideo, Acritum Software, VirusBlokAda, AVTECH Software, Mozilla Foundation, Ashampoo, Nevercenter, Native Instruments, Softek Software, J.River, Google, Etype, Codeorigin, Gabest, LEAD Technologies, Nullsoft, Zen Ventures, Texas Imperial Software, Corel Corporation, Squiz Pty, W3C, gAllMedia, Microsoft Corporation, Opera Software, Infiero Premium Software, Dawningsoft, QtWeb, Maxthon International, Flock, Apple, SmartCode Solutions, Athlete Web Services, Unleash Networks, URUWorks, AIMP,, Altova, Aladdin Knowledge Systems, Neoact, MightSOFT, Horizon Software, Login Systems, WampServer, CableTEL, Planet Interactive, Oracle Corporation, Webteh, BlueHost, VideoLAN, Team Johnlong Software, Valve Corporation and many others.


Founder / InfoSec Engineer at Zero Science Lab

Specialties: Digital Security, Networks, Graphics, Video/Audio, Web, Ping-Pong, Psychology

He has also found a lot of vulnerabilities and has written some detailed whitepapers.