Lord Noteworthy

IRL Name: 
Ayoub Faouzi

Ayoub Faouzi is a Virus Researcher, Assembly Coder, Windows Internals Enthusiast, and Reverse Engineer Lover from Morocco. He has coded mainly with x86 assembly and C for most of his known work. His research primarily mirrors his interests on low level work like reverse code engineering, code mutation techniques, and malware analysis along with x86 assembly language and its concepts.


He is the author of "Pas à Pas vers l'Assembleur".

He is the creator of "asmguru" project, a knowledge base & library for assembly developers.


Current hostname: HSI-KBW-149-172-254-106.hsi13.kabel-badenwuerttemberg.de

Born : August 19 1990

Hates to be called by his handle.