Max Vision, Iceman

IRL Name: 
Max Butler

Was raised in Meridian, Idaho. Shortly after his parents divorced at 14, he became a part of his local BBS scene and during high school several friends state that he was carrying printouts of hacker zine Phrack and phreaking free phone calls. During his junior year he broke into his high school and vandalized it. In 1991, he would make a physical threat against a ex-girlfriend, be found guilty of assault with a deadly weapon, and sentenced to 5 years in prison. Upon being released in 1995, he started a double-life of doing security tests for various corporate clients and breaking into various private networks after hours. In 1998, his attempts to backdoor federal sites whilest fixing a security hole of the BIND name server daemon would eventually backfire when an Air Force Investigator traced him through his pop-up notifications and in 2001 he was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison.

After his release in 2002 he started a venture with Christopher Aragon, stealing stolen credit card information from other hackers due to his logic that most of them were "all teeth and no shell." From there he moved on to small banks and credit unions listed on the FDIC's website that were unable to afford high end security and was pulling 'virgin' credit card numbers. In April 2004, he was arrested after using 'suspicious' credit cards at the San Francisco's W Hotel and was sentenced to 3 years probation. He would start his own network to sell credit card information, CardersMarket, shortly after Operation Firewall under the handle Iceman. Shortly afterwards he would infiltrate 4 rival networks and blink their sites out of existance in an successful attempt to become the biggest carder site on the internet.

After this, he would absorb DarkMarket and warned people concerning a sting relating to their site and informed members of CardersMarket that DarkMarket Master Splynter was a federal agent. In November 2006, he declared Iceman's retirement due to fears that the feds were after him and handed control of CardersMarket over to Th3CorruptedOne. Eventually, Jonathan "Zebra" Giannone would give information out concerning him after being busted himself when he sold 21 Bank of America Platinum Card numbers to a federal agent for $600. In September 5th, 2007 he was finally arrested by the secret service after an extended investigation. It is also believed that Th3CorruptedOne was a Secret Service informat who infiltrated CardersMarket which is how they were able to obtain information on the measures Butler used to cover his tracks. Upon checking his hard drive they found approximately 1 million credit card dumps. Currently he is in prison awaiting trial and will most likely face a sentence of 30 years to life.


Is banned from San Francisco's W Hotel for life.

Rejected the invitation to join Shadowcrew, a site specializing in stolen information due to security concerns. Would be justified when one of the admins, Cumbajohny, was exposed as a snitch.

Worked for minimum wage to keep from going back to prison.


Suffers from bipolar disorder