Meredith Patterson

IRL Name: 
Meredith L. Patterson

Meredith L. Patterson is an American technologist, science fiction writer, and journalist who has presented research with Dan Kamisky and Len Sassaman at many international security and hacker conferences. She is heavily involved with the DIYBio movement, and works on transgenic lactic acid bacteria. She presented the Biopunk Manifesto at a UCLA synthetic biology conference, and presented her work with Dan Kaminsky and Len Sassaman on breaking the Internet's certificate authority system (by creating usable, bogus certificates crafted to exploit ambiguity in X.509 parsing implementations using language-theoretic security analysis principles) at the Financial Cryptography 2010 conference.


She co-founded the field of language-theoretic security research, which she used to successfully defeat such troublesome attacks as SQL injection with her "Dejector" library.

In her spare time, she knits, repairs cars, and hacks on open source software.

The widow of Len Sassaman.