Michail Svarichevsky

IRL Name: 
Michail Svarichevsky

Michail Svarichevsky is a C++ and PHP developer or coder from Moscow, Russian Federation. He likes to write fast software for fun (like 6 TFLOP). He already loved computers, electronics, lasers, sulfuric acid and liquid nitrogen since his childhood years. He wrote BarsWF, the world's fastest md5 bruteforcing password cracker. He was one of the developers of Knova 6.6.


His old website: http://rualgo.narod.ru/

Won the national science project competition in Intel ISEF conference 2001.

He invented a new image compression algorithm during the Intel ISEF conference in 2001.

Built his own nuclear reactor at home from scratch and wrote an article about it in his website.

He always wanted to be making microchips, UAVs and see nuclear explosion.


Wants to be a suicide bomber someday