IRL Name: 
Chad Davis

An American hacker from Green Bay, Wisconsin, who operated under the alias of Mindphasr. He was the subject of one of the most high-profile prosecutions of cybercriminals of the late 20th century. Davis is a founding member of the globalHell syndicate of hackers, and is suspected to have authored or participated in the hacking of the websites of numerous businesses and government agencies.

Officials said that typically Davis used the ColdFusion software development framework, and attacked vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows programs to gain backdoor entry into a system. It should be noted that Davis did not program in ColdFusion; rather, he exploited a vulnerability discovered by rain.forest.puppy and extended to allow file uploads by a member of the L0pht. Davis also allegedly used Domain Name System spoofing extensively, especially on the Eris Free Network.


Initial search of his home only resulted in a fine for $165 for a beer in his fridge, because he was under age.

Was involved in the vandalizing of the Whitehouse Home Page shortly before he was arrested.

Other computer security experts predicted a massive wave of retaliation from the hacker community for the aggressive pursuit of globalHell, as of 2006, only one other group of hackers--known as Team Spl0it--has explicitly taken up the call for retaliation, by committing low-grade vandalism of several commercial web sites unaffiliated with the federal government.


allegedly hacked a public Army website and downed it for four hours.