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Jonathan Zdziarski

Jonathan Zdziarski who is also known as "NerveGas" in the iPhone development community is a forensic scientist and penetration tester from viaForensics. He is the author of the free AMBER Alert iPhone application, creator of a suite of the first ever iOS Forensics Tools, author of many App Store apps including Ballistic and iErase, author of Nescaline - a Nintendo emulator for iOS, and the original author of the DSPAM adaptive language classifier.


Former member of the iPhone Dev-Team, and worked on a number of jailbreak exploits between 2007-2009 ranging from the very first jailbreak of v1.0 to about 3.1.3.

He has since written several books on iOS, including iPhone Forensics, iPhone SDK Application Development, and Hacking and Securing iOS Applications.