IRL Name: 
Joshua Hicks

OxideDox is one of the carders who was arrested in a multi-state FBI sting targeting credit card fraud and other services that could facilitate carding activity. (International Cyber Crime Takedown 2012). According to a two-year FBI Undercover Carding Operation report, "he and and Lee Jason Jeusheng a.k.a 'iAlert' / 'Jason Kato', each sold dumps which is a term used by carders to refer to stolen credit card data in a form in which the data is stored on the magnetic strips on the backs of credit cards".


Hicks sold 15 credit card dumps in return for a camera and $250 in cash to a fellow carder who, unbeknownst to Hicks, was an undercover FBI agent and met the the undercover agent in downtown Manhattan to consummate the sale.