Phineas Fisher, Hack Back


Phineas is best known as being the hacker who claimed responsibility for breaching Gamma International (The makers of the FinFisher spyware) and Hacking Team. In the case of the Gamma hack, he shared a torrent of roughly 40 GB of data stating on reddit that he had “hard proof they knew they were selling (and still are) to people using their software to attack Bahraini activists, along with a whole lot of other stuff in that 40GB.” In May 2016, he attacked the Catalan police Mossos D’Esquadra and posted a 39 minute video showing how he got the data from it. He has stated that he does not wish to start a formal movement citing anonymous and LulzSec as examples, but he doesn't want to be the only hacker fighting the system.


Some of his earlier readings were in Spanish, but were later translated to English.