IRL Name: 
Nahshon Even-Chaim

Phoenix was born May 1971, he was the first major computer hacker to be convicted in Australia.
Like other hackers of his era, Even-Chaim began breaking into systems by dialing in directly or placing a call through X.25 networks, later taking advantage of Internet connectivity as it became available. He developed a reputation within The Realm, his computer hacking group, for skill and arrogance. Phoenix was 18 yrs old when he was arrested.


Was one of the most skilled hackers out of the group "The realm".

Was involved in computer crimes with his fellow Electron and Nom.

Even-Chaim pleaded guilty to 15 charges, which involved his intrusion into computers.

Allegedly compromising computers used by computer security experts Eugene Spafford, Clifford Stoll, and Russell L. Brand at LLN.


Ridiculed the computer security community, claiming: "It used to be the security guys chasing the hackers. Now, it's the hackers

chasing the security guys."