IRL Name: 
Robert Lyttle

17-year-old hacker (in 2000) allegedly responsible for defacing some 200 Web sites in 2000 with pro-Napster graffiti. Many experts claimed that the news was all hype and Pimpshiz was just a script kiddie.
According to Steve Manzuik Calgary:
"I've had the chance to go through some of the logs on some "hacked" sites by Pimpshiz. From the look of the directory structure left behind he is definitely using FrontPage. He is also grabbing his logo for the hacks from http://www.liquid2k.com/pimpshiz/scary.gif. He is leaving two text files on the boxes, one named i.txt that contains "Server breached by PimpShiz" and another called erica.txt which appears to be a phone number minus the area code. I am definitely convinced that he is not exploiting anything new like he claims and is simply finding boxes with poorly configured permissions. Wouldn't exactly consider this clown a hacker. "


Defaced many websites with napster loving messages


Hacked all of the sites in an attempt to get a girlfriend