IRL Name: 
Roman P. Koturbach

A hacker from St. Petersburg, Russia that is part of the koobface gang and is partly responsible for spreading a notorious computer worm on Facebook and other social networks. Him and his buddies also pocketed several million dollars from online schemes.

The worm was introduced in 2008 and it was aimed to invite users to watch either a sexy or funny video. When the user clicks on it it would tell it to update the Flash software, which initiated the download of the worm. The computers of the victims would then drafted into a "botnet," or a network of infected PCs. The virus would post unsolicited software ads that when clicked on and purchased it was bogus from unscrupulous marketers.


He is wanted by the FBI but they aren't able to arrest him due to him being an international criminal.

His identity is known, he puts up Fourscore locations, and updates his facebook realtime even though he is wanted by US authorities.


He is filthy rich because of what he does.

The Russian Embassy in Washington said it does not have any information regarding this and that American law enforcement officials had never contacted the embassy on this issue.