Rafay Baloch

IRL Name: 
Rafay Baloch

Rafay Baloch is a Pakistani infosec guy, freelance penetration tester, independent security researcher and blogger who is behind the Rafay Hacking Articles Blog. He gained fame for participating the Paypal Bug Bounty program and discovered Command Execution, Information Disclosure and XSS on Paypal. He was offered a job by Paypal as a Security Ninja (Security Quality Engineer) and a Penetration tester but he refused the job because of his studies.


He was awarded with Microsoft Security Researchers Award for for findings various vulnerabilities in some of Microsoft's websites.

He was acknowledged by Adobe for reporting a security vulnerability or vulnerabilities in an Adobe product or online service, and for working with Adobe to help protect our customers.

He was also acknowledged by Ebay, ESET, Redhat, LastPass Security Response, BaraCuda Labs Hall Of Fame, EngineYard, and other IT companies for his bug hunts.


Loves fancy outfits