Raphael Mudge

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Raphael Mudge

Raphael Mudge is a Washington, DC based security engineer and the founder of Strategic Cyber LLC . He is the creator or Armitage, a GUI for Metasploit to help security professionals better understand the hacking process and appreciate what's possible with the powerful Metasploit framework. You can contact him at http://www.hick.org/~raffi/.


Creator of jIRCii, an internet relay chat client for MacOS X, Windows, and Linux that displays terminal-style graphics in most fonts.

Coded Sleep, a multi-paradigm scripting language for the Java Platform.

Developer of Moconti, a light-weight application server that lets you create web sites using the Sleep Scripting Language. It supports multiple websites and is very easy to setup.

Developer of Cobalt Strike, a penetration testing suite built for threat emulation.