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Brad Haines

Whitehat by trade, Blackhat by fashion. A firm believer in the hacker ethic of openess , sharing, and collaboration. Never afraid to try something new, he can usually be found taking unnessecary risks for the sake of the experience. One of the more visible and vocal members of the wardriving community. A noted expert in the field of wireless security, he has spoken at many international conferences such as Black Hat and DEFCON, and taught several classes on free wireless assessment tools. Brad/RenderMan also contributed over time to many wireless security tools such as the Kismet wireless sniffer, and coWPAtty.

His skills have been learned in the trenches working for various IT companies as well as his involvement through the years with the hacking community. A firm believer in the hacker ethos and promoting responsible hacking and sharing of ideas, he wrote the “Stumbler Ethic” for beginning wardrivers and greatly enjoys speaking at conferences to dissuade the negative image of hackers and wardrivers.


Author of several books, including “Kismet Hacking” and “7 Deadliest Wireless Technologies attacks”.

Chief researcher of

Resides in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada