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Robert Hansen

Robert "RSnake" Hansen is the author of 'Detecting Malice' book and the web application security lab. He has spoken at industry conferences around the world and is widely considered to be a security hyena, although some consider him an expert in web application security. Much of the controversy has come from him hyping up bad html as a vulnerability known as "clickjacking" and for calling out Tavis Ormandy to be fired for releasing exploit code (because the right to free speech is ridiculous)


Creator of Slowloris

Author of OWASP's XSS Filter Evasion Cheat Sheet

Described as a "turd wrapped up in an enigma" by kernel security expert spender


During a stint as a foreskin expert, he went by rShaft.

Jealous of Tavis Ormandy because Tavis can write actual exploits.

Clickjacking is actually a way to write dickjacking and evade vulgarity filters. dickjacking is rumored to be a code word to meet up for a whitehat circle jerk.