IRL Name: 
David Kernell

Tennessee College Student who broke into 2008 Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin's private E-Mail account by guessing the answers to the account's security questions, then changing the password to 'popcorn.' In September 2008, he would post the password onto under his account which was quickly linked to him as he used the same name for his Yahoo E-Mail account. In October 2008 he would be indicted under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and the Stored Communications Act. He is to stand trial on May 19th, 2009 and his representation has asked to throw out the charges on the grounds that the crime is only a misdemeanor and not a felony.


Is the son of Tennessee State Representative Mike Kernell

Has asked a federal court to bar prosecutors from referring to him as a "hacker."

Leaked images and E-Mails from the compromized account revealed that Palin conducted government business using a personal address rather than her government provided address. (Note from Amp: Does anybody else consider that shady?)


Was born with a silverspoon in his mouth.